BONDiT B-45 and B-45TH datasheet, RELTEK adhesives, sealants and coatings for harsh environments.


BONDiT™ B-45 &

Adhesive, Sealant and Coating System

Bonds Dissimilar Materials

A line of adhesives for bonding dissimilar and or hard-to-bond materials such as plastics including UHMW, HDPE, PP, PET, PEEK, PPS, PBT Acetal, ETFE, PVC, PVCF, PVDF, ABS, ECTFE, polyamide, polyimide rubber and Urethane compounds to themselves, to each other, and to metal, glass, composites, cement, wood and cellulose.


High Chemical Resistance

Superior chemical resistance for moisture and oil, acids and bases in continuous full submersion. High thermal stability in a rugged flexible system.

Easy Use

Two part, primerless, flexible epoxy, ambient and thermal cure. Low HAZMAT impact. Available in handheld and pneumatic gun actuated cartridges, gallons and drums.


Harsh Environments

Civil Engineering,
Downhole oil,





BONDiT B-45TH is a two-part, state-of-the-art 100% solids, room- temperature curing flexible epoxy resin system. Especially designed for adhesive, potting and coating applications in bonding to engineering plastics and elastomers to various substrates. Bondable plastics include the polyolefins UHMW, HDPE, and PP, PET (Ertylite & Mylar), PEEK, PPS, PBT (Valox) Acetal (Delrin), ETFE, PVC, PVCF, PVDF (Kynar), ABS, ECTFE (Halar), polyamide and polyimide (Ultem & Torlon), fiberglass and composites.

Elastomers include EPDM, butyl, neoprene, urethanes, and some thermoplastic elastomers (Hytrel). The B-45TH will bond these materials to metals, glass, ceramic, cement, wood and cellulose substrates, as well as to each other.

BONDiT B-45TH handles harsh environments easily and particularly effective against moisture, salt water, acids, alkalies, oils, and detergents. BONDiT B-45TH has high thermal stability -- in exposure of rubber/metal bonds to 500°F for 8 minutes bulk-rubber-tear/cohesive adhesion was retained. BONDiT B-45TH offers good corrosion resistance. The flexible properties of B-45TH permits assembly of materials with dissimilar thermal expansion and survive thermal cycling. Likewise mechanical vibration, shock and impact are easily absorbed by B-45TH and protect surfaces, bonded assemblies and encapsulated sensitive electronics. These systems are often superior in performance to urethane adhesives, sealant's and coatings.

BONDiT B-45TH is silicate filled and thixotropic, meaning a thick coating on vertical surfaces will not sag, but is easily poured from a can. Apply B-45TH by roller or brush. B-45TH is very easy to use with low HAZMAT impact as a 100% solids epoxy system -- no plasticizers that bloom to the surface and no solvents causing VOC problems. The product is also available in the unfilled version B-45, most useful for potting and clear coating applications to replace urethanes.

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