Primers, Adhesion Promoters, Sealants and Coatings for DELRIN Acetal



DELRIN® is an acetyl copolymer resin manufactured by DuPont Engineered Plastics. Delrin® is lightweight and has excellent dimensional stability, machinability and high mechanical strength and stiffness. As a strong Polymer, Delrin® provides good wear and abrasion resistance, a low coefficient of friction and low moisture absorption, making the product a good choice for use in high moisture environments. Delrin® is an excellent choice for its long term mechanical stability in applications such as Valves, Washers, Gears, Bushings, Bearings, Seals, Rollers, Timing Screws, Electrical Components and Anti-Friction Parts. It is most often used for electronic office equipment, advanced conveyor technology and automotive applications. It is important to note that although Delrin® is strong mechanically, and offers excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents, and many other neutral chemicals, it cannot tolerate acidic conditions long term.

One of the properties of Delrin® that makes it difficult to bond to is its low friction properties which are the result of the manufacturing process. Delrin® can be bonded to but it requires careful preparation and BONDiTTM brand primers and adhesion promoters in some cases, and
BONDiTTM brand adhesives manufactured by RELTEK LLC. BONDiTTM products are among the few available that can be used to bond Delrin® to itself, and to other substrates for harsh environments and long term deployment without debonding.

Our primary recommendation is using BONDiTTM B-45 or BONDiTTM B-482 for bonding Delrin or Acetal.

Our recommendation would change if you are overmolding with elastomers such as polyurethane, where we would recommend using BONDiTTM A-43 as a primer/adhesion promoter for the urethane.

If exceptional chemical resistance is needed, we would recommend BONDiTTM B-481 or B-4811 instead of the B-45 or B-482.

Among the other substrates which Delrin® can be bonded to using BONDiTTM products are:
UHMW, fluoropolymers, rubber, polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene, polyurethane, silicone, thermoplastics, thermoset, urethane, glass, ceramics, wood, metals, stone, aggregate and concrete.

Corona or flame etch is occasionally necessary to prepare the edges of a proposed bond to strengthen the bond and reduce the slickness of Delrin®'s surface chemical bloom. This can be expected to be necessary only about 15% of the time. If you think that your application may require this treatment, please call us at (707) 284-8808 or email us at for advice as this technique requires skill and experience.

To see our chart showing elongation rankings of the various BONDiTTM products click here. Call or email us for advice on for COE ratings and matching BONDiTTM products for your application at (707) 284-8808 or

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