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FLUOROPOLYMERS are organic compounds consisting of flourine and carbon atoms but may also contain oxygen or hydrogen. Commonly found fluoropolymers are tetrafluorethylene (TFE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE or Teflon®), perfluoroalkyoxy (PFA), perfluoroethylenepropylene (FEP another grade of Teflon®), modified PTFE (another grade of Teflon®), polyvinylidenefluordie (PVDF or Kynar®), ethylene-tertrafluoroethylene (EFE or Tefzel®) and ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE or Halar®). Each of these fluoropolymers has chemical and physical properties that differ from one another in durometer, impact resistance, tensile strength, melting point, chemical and moisture resistance, and elongation. Among the many uses of fluoropolymers are lining of pumps, valves and piping for corrosive liquids and for cookware.

One of the properties of fluorpolymers that makes it difficult to bond to is the fluorine in it that seals off the carbon atoms. Fluoropolymers can be bonded to but it requires careful preparation, and matching of the adhesive's elongation to the coefficient of expansion (COE) of the materials being bonded. We recommend the use of BONDiTTM brand adhesives. BONDiTTM products are among the few available that can be used to bond Teflon coated or fluoropolymer substrates to themselves, and to other substrates for harsh environments and long term deployment without debonding. The RELTEK Teflon Bonding Kit including an etchant to prepare the fluoropolymer surface to be bonded and BONDiTTM B-45TH adhesive. The kit may be modified to include any of the BONDiTTM adhesives to match your specific application.

Our highest recommendation for bonding fluoropolymers (after the substrates are properly prepared) is our BONDiTTM B-45TH. In the case of PVDF and ECTFE, no preparation of the substrates is required to use BONDiTTM products.

Our recommendation would change if you're looking for higher chemical resistance, in which case we recommend the BONDiTTM B-4811.

If high temperature resistance is required, please call us at (707) 284-8808 for a specific recommendation for your application.

Among the other substrates which fluoropolymers can be bonded to using BONDiTTM products are: UHMW, Delrin, other fluoropolymers, rubber, polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene, polyurethane, silicone, thermoplastics, thermoset, urethane, glass, ceramics, wood, metals, stone, aggregate and concrete. Please refer to our properties comparison table(s) to compare the properties of various BONDiTTM products or call us at (707) 284-8808 or email us at