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Adhesives for thermoset materials often must bond very different materials to one another, which introduce peculiar engineering problems.

Thermosets are materials that have the property of becoming hard and rigid when cured and are normally do not melt when heated. Thermosets fuse when heated and harden and become rigid when cooled. Thermosets can come in many different chemical formulae, giving them different chemical properties, and in varying thicknesses -- both of which affect their coefficient of expansion. Thermosets include castable polyurethane, rubbers, epoxies, etc. Castable polyurethane is a material manufactured

Successful long term bonding of thermosets to themselves, and to other substrates using adhesives, requires careful preparation and matching of the adhesive being used with the differing COEs of the substrates involved and matching other mechanical and chemical properties for the application. BONDiTTM products are among the few available that can be used to bond themosetsto substrates with differing COE's for harsh environments and long term deployment without debonding. See also our discussion of COE's.

Our recommendation for bonding castable polyurethane to other substrates during the casting process is the BONDiT TM B-45, or with an adhesion promoter like the BONDiTTM A-43 or C-6.

In circumstances requiring very high moisture resistance we recommend substituting the BONDiTTM A-3 in place of the A-43 or C-6.

In bonding to cured parts casted using castable urethane, we recommend simply using BONDiTTM B-45 -- no adhesion promoter is necessary.

Our recommendations for bonding to rubbers is contained in a separate discussion.

Our recommendation for bonding to epoxies is any of the BONDiTTMB-4X line, depending on the required resistance properties of the use and environment to which the bond will be subjected. Please call for specific application recommendations.

Among the other substrates which thermosets can be bonded to using BONDiTTM products are: UHMW, Delrin, fluoropolymers, copolymers, polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene, polyurethane, silicone, rubber, thermoplastics, urethane, other thermosets and thermoplastics, ceramics, glass, fiberglass, wood, metals, stone, aggregate and concrete.

To see our chart showing elongation rankings of the various BONDiTTM products click here. Call or email us for advice on for COE ratings and matching BONDiTTM products for your application at (707) 284-8808 or