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Application Instructions for BONDiT B Series Products

BONDiTTM B-45, B-45TH, B-46, B-46TH, B-4681, B-4682, B-481, B-481TH, B-482, B-482TH, B-52, B-521, B-536, B-536TH, B-575, B-575TH, B-755
Adhesive, Sealant, & Coating System
50 or 200 ml dual cartridge

• CAUTION! Use proper safety procedures at all time while working with RELTEK products.

• STORE CARTRIDGE UPRIGHT (cartridge backplugs down and static mixer end up) so that any entrained air bubbles migrate to the static mixer end.

• WEAR rubber gloves (such as Nitrile) and safety glasses.

• SURFACE PREPARATION may be needed. Prepare surface by either sandblasting or abrading with #100-120 grit sandpaper.

• WIPE SUBSTRATE CLEAN with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) for rubber surfaces. Allow substrate surface to dry thoroughly or evaporate.

• HOLDING CARTRIDGE static mixer end up, place appropriate ratio plunger (*) into back end of cartridge, remove end plug on front static mixer end of cartridge, hold both plunger and cartridge vertically and push to “burp” cartridge, releasing entrained air from cartridge before use. NOTE: BONDiT products BONDiT B-52, B-521, B-536 all require 10:1 ratio plungers, the others require a joint 1:1/2:1 plunger.

• WIPE cartridge clean with IPA after initial “burping”. Attach 6” static mixing tube if available.

• Apply adhesive to desired substrate. Always remember to push plunger evenly and carefully as to not disrupt ratio of material being mixed.

• GENTLY SQUEEZE material slowly and efficiently. After needed material is applied, spread evenly over surface with an acid brush, cut ¼” –1/2” at the end (for cleanliness) until surface is evenly covered.

For application instructions for B series products in larger containers, please click here.


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Application Instructions for BONDiT B Series Products