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Mixing Instructions for BONDiT B-X Series Products

BONDiTTM B-4x, B-5x, and B-7x Product Lines
Adhesive, Sealant, & Coating System

Larger Containers

• CAUTION! Use proper safety procedures at all time while working with RELTEK products.

• WEAR rubber gloves ( such as Nitrile) and safety glasses.

• SURFACE PREPARATION may be needed. Prepare surface by either sandblasting or abrading with #100-120 grit sandpaper.

• WIPE SUBSTRATE CLEAN with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) for rubber surfaces. Allow substrate surface to dry thoroughly or evaporate.

• MIX thoroughly Part A and Part B in a container of sufficient size to hold the product. Mixture may be heated gently to remove entrained air prior to application.

  • BONDiT B-481, B-481TH, B-482, B-482TH, B-45, and B-45TH are 2:1 ratio by volume or weight.
  • BONDiT B-4682, B-4682TH, B-46, B-46TH are 1:1 ratio by volume or weight.
  • BONDiT B-52, B-521, B-536, B-536TH, B-575, B-575TH, are 10:1 ratio by volume. See data sheet for by-weight ratio.
  • BONDiT B-755 is 4:1 ratio by volume. See data sheet for by-weight ratio.

• Apply adhesive / coating to desired substrate evenly using a brush or other paint application techniques.

• For potting applications degassing is recommended for bulk processing.

• See applicable data sheet for curing guidelines

For application instructions for B series products in 50 or 200 ml dual cartridges, please click here.

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Mixing Instructions for BONDiT B-4X Series Products