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A-43 Adhesion Promoter, Primer, Adhesive

Bondable Substrates

Polyethylene, polypropylene, epoxy, esters, urethanes, fluoropolymers, silicone, rubbers, glass, ceramic and metals. A one part, one coat, thin film, ambient or thermal cure primer on metals, glass, ceramics and plastics for adhesion of thermoplastics, thermoset, rubbers and urethane molding.

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Promotes adhesion with previously considered non-reactive polymers, and bonding between many dissimilar polymers with, and without adhesives.

A-43 is a high performance, high and low temperature one-part primer, adhesive, adhesion promoter for metals, glass & ceramics, elastomers and polymers.

A-43 offers a wide range of capabilities for promoting single coat chemical bonding between minerals and polymers, as well as dissimilar polymers. it is used as a primer coat for other BONDiT coatings and encapsulants.

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