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B-46 Adhesive & Sealant

Bondable Substrates

Plastics including --UHMW, HDPE, PP, PET, PEEK, PPS, PBT, Acetal, PTFE, ETFE, PVC, PVCF, PVDF, ABS, ECTFE, polyamide and polyimides, fiberglass and composites.

Elastomers including EPDM, butyl, neoprene, urethanes, and some thermoplastic elastomers.

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B-46 is especially designed for adhesive and potting applications in bonding to un-prepped plastics to various substrates. It’s very high tack at the bond interface allows adhesion to very low surface energy substrates.

B-46 handles harsh environments and is particularly effective against moisture, salt water, acids, alkalies, oils, gasoline and detergents.

The 400% elongation permits assembly of materials with very dissimilar thermal expansion properties which will survive thermal cycling. Vibration, shock and impact are easily absorbed by B-46. A substantial advantage of B-46 is its capability of excellent peel strength to un-prepped dissimilar materials, including PTFE, such as TeflonTM, and polyethylene and polypropylene films.

B-46 works very well as a re-enterable sealant for cable and transducer terminations that withstands years of submersion in deep-sea and other harsh environments. Assemblies are re-enterable: after disassembly the tacky surface of the adhesive will endure and allow reassembly without further preparation, just like a PSA.

Two-part epoxy, 1:1 ratio

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