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B-481 Adhesive, Coating System & Encapsulant

Bondable Substrates

Plastics including UHMW,HDPE, PP, PET, PEEK, PPS, PBT, Acetal, ETFE, PVC, PVCF, PVDF, ABS, ECTFE, polyamide, polyimide rubber and urethane compounds on metal, glass, composites, cement, copper & nickel, wood and celluose.

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B-481 is specially designed for potting, coating, and adhesive applications for electronics and electrical assemblies, environmental sealing, hard coating for corrosion resistance, structural bonding metals, plastics and elastomers to various substrates with high tensile, shear and peel strength.

B-481 is suitable for autoclave applications. The intrinsic flexible resin properties of B-481 permit assembly of materials with dissimilar thermal expansion and survive thermal cycling down to -65°F. Yet it offers high tensile strength with the flexibility. Likewise, mechanical vibration, shock and impact are easily absorbed.

Uses: Potting, Paint, Coating, Adhesive, Semi-rigid two-part epoxy; 2:1 ratio.

Elongation: 10%

Variations: TH, Pigmented

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