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B-536 Adhesive & Sealant (Variant—B-575)

Bondable Substrates

Glass, ceramic, metals, wood and plastics – acrylic, polycarbonate, PEEK, polyolefin and many more polymers

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B-536 is a two-part, very high strength, 100% solids, room-temperature curing semi-flexible epoxy resin system. Excellent lapshear and peel strength, with high initial bond strength. Typical example of lapshear bond strength is 1100 PSI for PEEK-to-PEEK and PEEK-to-Steel substrates. B-536 handles harsh environments easily and is effective against moisture, salt water, acids, alkalies, oils, and detergents. B-536 has high thermal stability and offers good corrosion resistance. Likewise mechanical vibration, shock and impact are easily absorbed by B-536 and protect surfaces and bonded assemblies.

B-536 offers excellent chemical resistance, very high tensile strength, even with ambient cure. High thermal stability in a rugged semi-flexible system. The product is also availble in the filled (thixotropic) .

B-536 & B-575 Thermal Cure: 10 minutes at 135˚ F

Semi-rigid two-part epoxy 10:1 mix ratio

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