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B-755 Clear Coat, Adhesive & Sealant System

Bondable Substrates

Bonds to many substrates such as GRE circuit boards and FKM elastomer.

Excellent for fuel cell applications.

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B-755 is a unique low viscosity, two-part, high strength, 100% solids, room-temperature curing semi-rigid cyclo-aliphatic epoxy resin system. That has good scratch and impact resistance., it is suitable for clear coat, conformal coating and electrical potting applications.

B-755 handles harsh environments easily and is effective against moisture, salt water, acids, alkalies, oils, fuels, solvents and detergents. B-755 produces very low extract products in soak tests and provides corrosion resistance.

BONDiT B-755 exhibits superior thermal resistance compared to most epoxy systems, particularly those offering ambient curing temperature. High temperature to 600 °F, excellent chemical resistance, high strength even with ambient cure. Rugged semi-rigid system.

Thermal Cure: 10 minutes at 135˚ F

Cyclo-aliphatic two-part epoxy, 4:1 ratio

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