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Splice Kit

Most common kits include:

  • One B– Series epoxy
  • Pre-coated Shrink tube
  • Mixing and handling tools
  • Surface preparation tools
  • Personalized instructions

Some kits can include:

  • One 5ml syringe of a adhesion promoter/ Sealant
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Our field tested Splice kits have been deployed in deep sea and naval operations since 1991.

We combine the use of our adhesives and sealant technology and shaping compound to splice and terminate cables of all sizes. We employ a shrink tube, pre-coated with our specialty adhesion promoters to surround the fixture and complete a seal around the cable to provide complete adhesion/cohesion to many substrates.

Splice kits are custom made for each customer and their needs through the use of our dynamic Technical Department in order to make sure the splice kit you get is the perfect one to fit your needs.

Included in every splice kit is a variety of tools, compounds and adhesives that will terminate your cable the right way.

Common Kit Price = $160.00 (subject to change based on customization).

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